The updated translation of the International <IR> Framework in Turkish has been published by the Value Reporting Foundation, facilitated by the Integrated Reporting Network Turkiye (ERTA).

Back in January 2021, Revisions to the International <IR> Framework were published in order to provide further assistance and clarity to report preparers and develop the adoption of integrated reporting to an  high-quality. This publication brings the Turkish translation fully up to date as a way of highlighting these revisions and accelerate adoption throughout Turkey.

The Center for Finance, Governance and Sustainability (CFGS) were thanked for producing the translation by the Value Reporting Foundation. An additional mention should be extended to the review committee from ERTA, ÇİMSA and the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB) whose expertise facilitated this translation.

Commenting on the translation, Prof. Dr. Güler Aras, Founding Chair of ERTA and <IR> Ambassador, said:

“I firmly believe that the <IR> Framework, which provides a sound basis for the global reporting ecosystem, will play a critical role and contribute significantly to the responsibility of accountability, sustainable value creation process, and long-term strategies of institutions.

In the period in which the integrated thinking approach gained momentum among institutions in Turkey, as ERTA, we are very happy to share the Turkish translation of the <IR> Framework.”

Jeremy Osborn, Director of Business Relationships & Networks, added:

“More organizations across the world are realizing the benefits of integrated reporting in providing a clear and concise representation of their strategy, governance, performance and prospects to investors. Indeed, we have seen increasing adoption of integrated reporting from some of Turkey’s largest organizations, including financial services provider Garanti BBVA and global building materials manufacturer ÇİMSA.

We are very grateful to ERTA for facilitating the Turkish translation of the <IR> Framework. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Güler Aras, ERTA is a prominent supporter of integrated thinking and reporting and is leading the way in raising awareness and best practice amongst institutions and organizations. The Turkish translation of the <IR> Framework will enable even more organizations in Turkey to adopt the <IR> Framework and experience the benefits of improved reporting and long-term value creation.”

Source: Integrated Reporting