Through the engagement of CSR Europe members, a tailor-made working group on Non-Financial reporting has been set up to match specific needs and questions. The event will take place on 20 November 2018.

To support companies in the integration of sustainability and to better use reporting as management tool, CSR Europe has set up two working groups looking at non-financial reporting and investors engagement. The format of the working groups is meant to engage members more actively to identify and address individual needs.

The dialogues with members have resulted in the mapping of current practices and challenges. These will then be addressed during the workshops on non-financial reporting.


A single answer is clearly difficult when looking at the very diverse members of CSR Europe’s network and companies are at different stages of maturity.

Some facts:

  • Impact assessment related to non-financial topics is still a point of discussion and companies are making efforts to identify and implement applicable methodologies;
  • Social and societal aspects are more challenging to measure and quantify, as a result the definition of KPIs is more difficult;
  • More mature companies recognise management improvements thanks to the reporting practice;
  • Affiliates and regional offices might encounter limitations in terms of using global reports since they might not fully reflect the local context or address the expectations of local stakeholders.

Some of the questions which will be further addressed on the 20th November:

  • How to move from activities disclosure to outcomes and impact disclosure?
  • How can internal stakeholders be better engaged?
  • What is the role of assurance bodies in terms of assessing non-financial information?

The work done so far confirmed that there are many valuable questions and learnings to address with members.

The information shared in this article is not exhaustive and further details will be addressed during the workshop.

Check the agenda of the workshop and register here: Reporting practice beyond reports

For more information please contact Joanne Houston (


This is how we proceeded to make sure the working groups met our members’ needs and requests:

Source: CSR Europe