Elaborating a better sustainability report that is in line with the GRI Standards can be a challenging exercise. Particularly the balance between a wider sustainability narrative and the hard-and-fast Standards can be difficult to maintain. And, because each company or organization has different approaches to collecting, systematizing and presenting data, report preparers may want more certainty as to their advances, and room for improvement. 

GRI has listened to report preparers. Our Disclosure Review Service, which complements the wide range of services that provide feedback and support to help ensure reports are responding to the information as per what is required in the GRI Standards, is growing to cover the Management Approach. 

Reporting on an organization’s management approach is now made easier, because GRI can provide reporters with tailored feedback to help them understand whether the information in their report responds to the requirements from the GRI 103: Management Approach standard. The feedback provided by the GRI team can help report preparers improve the narrative and shine a light on improvements that are required for internal management systems and processes for the organization to respond to the GRI Standards.  And the analysis can be performed on both drafts and published reports. In essence, GRI provides an assessment from a stakeholder point of view. 

While this particular service does not review the quality or correctness of the actual data reported, it does provide valuable feedback on the processes that lead to gathering this data, including disclosures 103-1: Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary; 103-2: The management approach and its components and 103-3: Evaluation of the management approach. The review looks into whether all information required is provided, and whether it is complete in case of management approach disclosures being combined, or if the right reasons for omission are used wherever applicable. 

For more information, please check out our GRI Reporter Support offerings. 

Source: Global Reporting Initiative