AccountAbility is pleased to release the 2018 Addendum for the AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS, 2008), which will facilitate continued use of the standard for assurance on the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles (AA1000AP, 2018). The 2018 Addendum serves to support both organisational users and assurance providers in effectively applying the AA1000AS (2008) to the AA1000AP (2018), whilst working with the added Principle of Impact and further changes introduced.

Until the 1st of January 2021, organisations who have transitioned to the AA1000AP (2018) seeking assurance must be assured by AccountAbility licensed assurance providers using the AA1000AS (2008) with 2018 Addendum. Organisations who have not yet transitioned to the AA1000AP (2018) and still use the AA1000APS (2008) can continue use of the AA1000AS (2008) for assurance purposes until 2021.

The AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS) Working Group will work on finalising the next version of the AA1000AS, to be released in 2019. All AA1000AP (2018) reports assured after the 1st of January 2021 will need to use the AA1000AS (2019) and assurance using the AA1000AS (2008) will no longer be valid.

The AA1000AS (2008) with 2018 Addendum is available for download, free of charge here

Source: AccountAbility